Sunday, September 4, 2011

Oldsmobile Update

Here's your update on the new toy...

1.  I finally found a factory publicity image of the car. 

2) And it came with honest to gosh GM scripted copy.

3) We opted to have some preventitive work done on the old girl.  She is with Mechanic Jeff having her Rochester 4bbl carburetor rebuilt - probably for the first time since it rolled down the production line. We're also having the fuel line replaced and the gas tank pulled and relined.  Mechanic Jeff found a lot of rust plugging up the works, so we're also going to have the gas tank pulled, clean and relined and cured.

4) Last night at the reunion I cornered Herb Graham who owns a body shop back home and Herb will get her either in 2012, or 2013 for a repaint.


  1. Ours was a '64 light green metallic Super 88 with matching brocade seatcovers which my parents promptly had covered in clear plastic. Clear plastic in Texas during summer on bare legs is like sticking your tongue on a hot coffee pot. TB

  2. A marvellous new toy.
    What colour are you thinking?

  3. We'll keep her the same as she is now, Sahara Mist and Desert Tan. She really is quite elegant looking. I was thinking about upgrading her hub caps and trim rings to full wheel covers, but you have to partially remove the wheel cover to check the air in the tire and that seems like more work than anything.

  4. I love the sound of Sahara Mist! could be a New Drag name...

  5. It was MJ who pointed out that I have Oldsmobility!

    I love the irony that a car that gets 8 miles to the gallon on a good day is painted in colors (Sahara Mist/Desert Sand) that are an homage to the oil producing nations of the Middle East.

  6. and it's a celebrity, just like its owner!