Monday, September 26, 2011

Stealing a trick from Norma Desmond

I figured that since Norma Desmond could post cute puppy pictures, so could I, except this isn't my dog and it isn't my picture, either.  So I have lured you under false pretenses.

Truth be told, I'm dealing with a lot of stuff:

1) I'm tired and I am cranky, partly because of the season change and mostly because I have Seasonal Affective Depression, as diagnosed by my doctor and my shrink.  This means I have to adjust my meds every fall, and that disrupts my sleep patterns, and this makes me tired and cranky.

2) I work a two week cycle in a job that isn't a career.  Two weeks each month I work early, and two weeks I work late and get home later than the husband.  I'm not complaining, but I'm also not satisfied.

3) My midlife crisis is entering into the "Acceptance" stage. Actually it's more resignation than acceptence, but I'm getting there.

4) The cataract in my left eye is beginning to get to the point where I am losing what is left of my depth perception.  I'm thinking that if I make it to November without surgery, I'll be doing well.

5) Did I mention that I want to be someplace other than work? Yeah, I don't want to be seated at my desk today. Do you?


  1. did i ever think you'd stoop so low?


    wv: neblesh

  2. Schedules, meds, cataracts; not even cute puppies can overcome everything.

  3. I'm not sure whether my desire to give you a cuddle is brought on from reading about your personal issues or a result of the puppy picture.