Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Happy Birthday to a real beauty

The picture above is of Brigette Bardot as she looks today.  Unlike other fading stars who are obessed with their own looks, Bardot took up the cause of animal rights.

Look carefully at Bardot's face and bask in her real beauty.  Not a botox injection, nor a facelift, or a cheeck implant spoils the view.  Her eyes are expressive and her lips are still the shape of lips.  She knows that she has no need to hide behind Sunglasses as Dyan Cannon does, lest the sun touch her face and cause it, and the chemicals used to remove the wrinkles, smooth the skin to melt from the heat.

Bardot's beauty is that she knows who she is and plays to her strengths instead of obsessing about her weaknesses. And her face is recognizable, expressive and more alive that Cannon's, Bruce Jenner's or Dolly Parton's.  (Parton's face is so botoxed that she no longer smiles, but grimmaces for the camera.)

So to Brigette, I say happy birthday, and thank you for showing us that a real face is beautiful, no matter the age.


  1. I don't plan to have work done in later life...oh yes, I say that NOW but I prefer the natural look.

    Older women and men are criticized for their looks regardless of whether or not they've had cosmetic surgery.

    It's a Catch-22 situation.

  2. I bet she doesn't even look in the mirror unless she's flossing. Good for her, and I love the tri-color hair. Greying temples, natural shade on the crown and the sun-bleached ends. Girl just does not give a damn and for that fact alone, she rocks.