Sunday, September 11, 2011

Finally, the BGO

Here she be, in all her glory.  The mechanic, true to his word made her run beautifully.  Took her out on the freeway and the car did miss a beat - a great cruiser.

100% original, right down to the rubber floor mats.

The Husband even thinks it sweet.


  1. i love it.
    of course, i'm a die-hard fan on 1963, but you found a beauty.
    rocket on dude!

  2. and though i've mentioned it before, i must mention it again:
    when i scroll down to the bottom of this page and find, to the right, your "gone but nor forgotten" spot with esther zidel in it, i'm baffled because the photo that is there is NOT anywhere posted on esther zidel. it's a photo of a guy i work with who somehow got a shot of liza minnelli with himself behind her. how that got there weirds me out.

  3. I'm digging the car. You need some Peggy Guggenheim glasses when you drive her around.

    @Norma - Google has been doing some awfully strange things with photo's lately.

  4. Wow what a trip down memory lane; our '64 was so similar. The big change came in '65. Dad had the knack of always buying at the end of a styling cycle. TB

  5. I hate you.

    Could you give me a lift past the corner?

  6. Norma - I too love the 1963s because the tailights are are a tribue to the merging of forms on the 88's, and on the 98's the taillights are so freaking maasive and occur so easily. This of course is the story of my life closest enough to touch what you desire, but you get what you get.

    ayeM8y I have my mother's glitter cat glasses, which now, I will have to go and find.

    Observer, 1965 was the last time in Detroit that all three of the Big three changed their full size vehicles in the same year. 1965 was HUGE in the history of Detroit.

    MJ - and what does it smell like?

  7. Mj - HAH! Come south and she will be at your beck and call, April to November.

  8. Wally, blow in my ear and I'll drive you anywhere.

  9. BEAUTIFUL! I'm sooooo happy for you! And envious.