Friday, September 23, 2011

50 years ago, it was the BIG reveal

I'm old enough to remember that when a company like GM, Ford, Chrysler or AMC rolled out the new model year cars, there was some excitment.  Now, when a new car comes out its more like "Meh..."

Anyway, I found this little gem with a collector who was cleaning out a life of posessions and they sent it to me while I was opining that it's really hard finding ANYTHING related to the 1962 Olds 88.  Imapla's, yes.  Catalina's and Bonneville's?  You betcha.   Starfire's and 98's yes siree, bub.  Then you start running into to issues with the Star Chief's, Super 88's , LeSabre and Electra 225.  Cadillac's, too, oddly.

Anyway, have a WONDERFUL weekend.

I'm doning kimono tomorrow as we're have over some friends for MahJong.



  1. The State Fair auto barn in Oct. was the best place to be; better than the roller coaster, rocket tube, etc. I spent more time in there than anywhere else at the fair and brought home enough brochures to paper a bathroom. TB

  2. "Girls are from the Cast of the Oldsmobile 1962 Announcement Show "That Something Extra".

    I wonder what was the extra part?

  3. now, all i can think of is you in your kimono,
    commando (of course) with your hands full of tiles.

    oy, i have to lie down.