Thursday, May 6, 2010

True Story: Poor Connie

True Story: My mother's friend from Marion Harding High School, Ann Schaffner (her family once owned the town's bigger furniture store and owned the leading Funeral Home, married a member of the Schlitz (think Beer) family named Warren.

When Ann became pregnant with her first child, and by this time both she and my mother were living in Cleveland, there was the great weight of coming up with a name for the baby that would make the Schlitz family happy.  Warren's family was still very German, the first name had to be listed in the name rolls that the German government keeps. They do this as to not delute German culture. Even though Warren was very American, his family was still rooted in the old world.

When Ann had her baby my mother had a giant fit because they named her "Constance". Its a pretty name, but when you combine "Constance" with the family's surname and you have effectivly named the kid diarrhea. By the time she went to Shaker Heights High (I think Connie graduated with my one of my brothers - she would be class of 1968 or 1971), she was going by Connie, but her wedding announcement in the NYT went by Constance. Living life with the name Constance Schlitz, in the New York Times,  - now that takes Gusto.

Here's Connie's wedding announcement from the NYT

Last I heard Connie was in Washington DC practicing law, a misnomer because lawyers don't practice anything, they sue you.  So Connie, if you are out there, this Schlitz is for you.

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