Friday, May 28, 2010

In the end it was a "Different Stroke" indeed

First Art Linkletter, now this.

CNN is reporting that child TV star Gary Coleman has died. If so, may he rest in peace that evaded him in life. The cruel irony - that the former star of Different Strokes died of an intracranial hemorrhage - is not lost on me.

In a way, it somehow reminds of others who have died ironic deaths.  The first and foremost was Chuckle's The Clown - a character on the Mary Tyler Moore Show.

My thoughts go out to Todd Bridges - he is the lone actor from Different Strokes that remains alive.
May Coleman rest in peace - something that evaded him in life.


  1. amen.
    I hope Charlotte Rae is all right...and Nancy Reagan.

  2. I stand corrected! I thought Rae had died years ago!

    As for Nancy Reagan, she wasn't a star when she acted in films, and she wasn't a star when she guest starred on the show.