Monday, May 10, 2010

Art I regret not buying

When we were at Brimfield last May, this lovely lady with a "take no shit, take no prisoners" attitude caught my eye from beneath my Amish wide brim hat.  If she were just painted without the umbrella, she would have been just another nude study.  But with the Umbrella in one hand and on her shoulder, and her hand on here hip, she transcended that of a nude study and entered the pantheon of great ribald camp art.

But alas, we were not to become one because she was priced obscenely high and well beyond my means since I have been living without a credit card for the past five years.  So if I can't pay for the things I need in cash, I can't have them, and there were other things away from Brimfield that required my attentuion.  And the dealer refused to dicker on the price.  So we parted, but I took this picture, and thus, we will always have Brimfield.

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  1. Brimfield...


    It's been a long time.