Sunday, May 16, 2010

I was talking with Mrs. Edwin Smith Standish and...

I was telling her that with everything thats been going on (work, work and more work) and all the stress (tension, tension tension) that I need a few days to myself.

And Mrs. Smith Standish, Martha to her closest friends - which you are not so its Mrs. Smith Standish to you - said, "Whenever I feel overwhelmed by the pressure of my club duties, of running the house and keeping up on what cook, and maid and Japanese Gardner are doing around our home, I sometimes go off on a Caprice of five days or so, just to recharge my batteries."

And I think that's what I'll do this week!  No plans, I'm just going to do as I see fit.  Everything a mad dash seperated by a few naps here and there. 

So I shall see you in seven days or so.  Have a fabulous week ahead!


  1. i've got a caprice of my own for the next week....mumsy's arriving manana.

  2. Do you need any Valium? I'm sure I could take up a collection from the other housewives in Shaker.

  3. I thought Chevrolet stopped making the Caprice years ago.

  4. Have a marvelous time, dearest. I am craving a caprice myself ... or a Chrysler Cordoba with fine Corinthian leather.

  5. Have a fun trip, darling, and bring back lots of lovely prezzies for us!

    (Not lezzies.)