Saturday, May 8, 2010

CAPTCHA This Serendipity: Cozie

So Julie London is singing a highly sexualized version of the Mickey Mouse Club Theme and I make a comment that its sexually charged - her seductive bee stung lips almost look like a look like a sexual thing and the word verification that I get is COZIE, which make me think of Coozie, which is southern slang for V-A-G-I-N-A.  This reminds me of the old joke:

Man walks into a beer joint and says to the middle age, rode-hard-put-down-wet tramp sitting at the bar "Honey, I sure could use a little coozie."

She thinks about it for a second and then replies "So would I.  Mine's about as big as a bucket."


  1. Someone ... something ... out there ...
    Didja know that Jayne's old hairdresser, Ray Strait (!) who wrote "The Tragic Secret Life of Jayne Mansfield" (Please write that about me, same title please), said that "cooze" was their pet name for each other? Maybe it's Jayne's ghost, watching over us!

  2. You want me to write "The Tragic Secret Life of Donna Lethal"? And just what I am going to do with "The Wild, Wild World of Donna Lethal" with those scenes of you playing the drums topless? I'll do it, but only if I can use the drum footage...

  3. with all this word verification-itis going around, i laughed yesterday when mine was "musto" and immediately grabbed it & posted it on michael's facebook wall.

  4. I just learned my new word for the day. (I've noticed the word verification coincidence too)