Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Coincidence? You decide.

Miss Donna Lethal and I have discovered that some thing is afoot, or that someone - maybe the Goddess Fate herself - has a strange sense of humor in the word verification department at Blogger. And its happening with alarming regularity.  The latest case involves Mr. Peenee having a kniption over his closet doors, which are off the track.  And just LOOK at the word that they want ME to verify before posting my response to missy tantrum.

If I were you, I'd rush to B.D.'s Mongolian BBQ, tell them its your birthday and have them make you a tres chic foil hat for your mind's protection.


  1. NO!
    First it was "Gramp" during my response on Filene's at Mitten Drinnen's. "Gramp" - my grandfather - got me my treasured Way Bandy book there (and you can see what happened.) Then there was "dishie" which I posted on my blog. And the one from yesterday ... now this!