Wednesday, April 18, 2012

When I go out to lunch, I go way out to lunch...

I spent the day with our neighbor Gloria.  It started out with a call from her:

"Hey, you want to do lunch later?  I need something different - tired of the same old same old."

I said how about Corkey's, and she asked where it was, and I said Cleveland and she said "I'm all in."

So two hours up, we stuffed ourselves silly with matzo ball soup, knishes, corned beef and chopped liver.  Then we filled up coolers to bring this stuff back to Columbus because you can't get good "Jew Food" in Ohio's Cowtown Capital.

So we decided to hit up a couple antique stores in Larchmere and on the way down there we meandered through Shaker Heights and Gloria was agog.

"These lovely neighborhoods just keep going and no two houses look alike," she said.

We drove by my childhood home - the one I wish I could own again - which is built in the Federal Style, and the new people have restored much of the front facade that the people before them crapped over with Victorian bric-a-brac.  It looks lovely.

And then we came home and I stuffed my Mister Topogrosso self with more corned beef.  Yummy.

It dawned on me as we were leaving that its been four years since I had been by the old place that was my home fifty years ago.  Fifty fucking years ago.  I am shocked.

Tomorrow its back to the grind here at the house - we have yard work on the schedule.  Yawn.

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