Friday, April 13, 2012

Ohio's #1 Bigot, Phil Burress Strikes Again

This is Phil Burress, Ohio's number one bigot.

Burress, from his home city of  Sharonville in S.W. Ohio operates two groups that are anti-gay, anti-family and anti-anyone who doesn't look like Phil Burress.  They are "Citizens for Community Values" and "Ohio Campaign to Protect Marriage".  I'm not linking to them because I have no desire to to provide them with web traffic.

Burress is a former serial husband (he's been married many times), an alcoholic and sex addict who has made it his mission to make Ohio a safe state for him and him alone.  To do this, Burress - a man who believes that "Government" should stay out of local government matters - bullied through the Ohio Legislature laws to place limits on local business people so that Ohio, not local governments, could the adult entertainment industry.  So Burress, in addition to being a recovering alcoholic and sex addict, is also a man who believes that local governments can't be trusted with things important to Burress, but on everything else they can decide for themselves.

And then in 2004, Burress and his clan put together what is the most restrictive wording in the nation for a state constitution to define marriage between one man and one woman, AND invalidate "domestic matter" contracts between legal, consenting adults.  Burress then pushed that amendment statewide and in November, 2004 got it through the general election.

How terrible is this law?  If Cookie were to drop over my keyboard at this exact moment, even though my will leaves everything to my husband, the Amendment could compel the court to throw out my my wishes - made of sound mind and body - and give everything to my brothers.  My brothers are nice people, but Burress' language undoes 500 years of civil law respecting the wishes of the deceased and instead hands over half of everything that my husband and I have worked together to get in our lives and it gives it to people who have done nothing for me.

Now that's Draconian.

This past winter, a bipartsian group of Ohioians have been trying to get language on the ballot that would overturn the 2004 amendment.  At first, Republican Attorney General Mike DeWine (who is a personal friend of Cookie's, and Cookie's one time boss as well - and Cookie has nothing but the utmost of respect for Mike) wouldn't approve the ballot language because it wasn't legal.

A couple weeks ago, DeWine approved the amended language.

And then guess who decided to start playing hardball?  Phil Burress.

In an interview in the Columbus Dispatch in March, Burress said that he would fight the measure.

And today, Ohio's version of Cthulhu arose from his cave of solitude in Cincinnati and filed the first shot to put down this equality nonsense by suing Mike DeWine for approving the language. 
Apparently, Phil Burress is not pleased. He's also bitchy about the fact that Cincinnati, Ohio has betrayed his will by electing its first openly gay councilman.  Said Burress in the Columbus Dispatch:

"“There is a reason why fewer people live in Cincinnati now,” said Phil Burress, whose conservative group is based in Sharonville. “Cincinnati residents will be in for a rough ride the next two years.”"

Like I said, he's bitchy and spiteful.  And he's illogical.  He has no facts to support positions, but he does know how to ruin everyone elses fun.  And no wonder fewer people in Cincinnati - would you want to live there with Phil "Evil Puppeteer" Burress saying that he was going to make sure that that the next two years are going to be unpleasant ones?

Keep your eye on this, because we are either going to take this law down, or Phil Burress could be visiting a community near you, real soon.


  1. please tell that asshat that ain't all kabuki is gonna ruin. best to stay out of Palm Springs.

  2. why do people continue to give pricks like this power?
    Sounds like a poster boy for straight marriages everywhere....

  3. We think we need Kabuki to pay a visit to Phil Burress and read him the riot act, as only Kabuki can do.

    But, here's the good news. Burress is old and his heart is weak from years of strip clubs and lap dances and drugs and booze (and poppers while watching porn, which I am sure he still does) and one day all that is going to sneak up on him and that "heart" of his is going to fail.

    And then I will go to his grave and piss on it. I think a lot of people are going to piss on his grave.

  4. Another delusional hypocrite, there is nothing worse than a reformed prostitute, how nice for Ohio...

  5. how did this guy win an election in an area that has elected the likes of Howard Metzenbaum and Dennis Kucinich? good grief.

  6. It's worse if you're in Sharonville.

    The anti-abortion people protest, every day, on the street every day in front of a womens medical clinic. They wear sandwich boards and display of a fetus cut up into a jigsaw of body parts. How nice.

    Asshat has gone so far as to set up a christian womens clinic right outside the steet access of the real clinic. The problem is that it has better location.
    Now this fake clinic is never going to earn any money. Ever.

    There are late night ads on every channel for right to life.

    Because of these asshats, I've had to explain to my 7 year old what abortion is. I'm tempted to walk up to them and have them explain it to my kids.

    I would so dance on their grave should anyone lose control and squish them.