Saturday, April 21, 2012

Chasing Rainbows: The Christian Right and Homosexuals

Dr. Hutcherson: "Now don't let me get started."

In May 2011 the Gallop Organization announced that the majority of American's no longer were opposed to gay marriage.  In fact, the difference between those polled in 2010 and those polled in 2011 had effectively switched positions - a movement of ten points.

This is not to say that same sex marriage is going to be the norm in 2012.

Far from it, the Christian Right - those people who hide behind the words and actions of their Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, while acting in complete defiance of his words and actions - are still trying to save their world by grasping at straws.  The latest tactic is for the movement to "change" the terminology - to re-frame and re-define the words used in the fight against gay marriage, which they in the movement prefer to call "Sodomite Marriage".

The latest silly salvo and suggestion for beating back the "homosexual menace" comes from "Dr." Ken Hutcherson, a onetime football player for the Dallas Cowboys and current minister of a church in Washington State.  Hutcherson HATES homosexuality, is obsessed with it, and has made it his career to scuttle equal rights and legal protection for members of the LGBT community.  The "Reverend" is also Rush Limbaugh's best buddy and performed Limbaugh's fourth wedding service. How's that protecting traditional marriage?  

Hutcherson believes now the time to take back the "rainbow", a symbol that, according to him, we homosexuals stole from Christians.  That's right - according to Hutcherson, the rainbow is a Christian symbol, and he wants to take it back in the name of his brand of glory to God.  Hutcherson wants everyone BUT gay people to be able to fly rainbow flags, free from being thought that they are homosexuals themselves.

Never mind that Christianity has a tradition of stealing symbols and icons of other things from other religions:

1) The Christmas tree, which Christians stole from Pagan traditions.

2) And as for celebrating Christ's birth December 24-25 - again, the Pagans came up with an idea of celebrating the solstice on December 21st first, while bible scholars believe that Jesus was born in either September or October, not December.

3) The yule log?  Pagan, again.

Now he wants rainbows, too:

"So what is it going to take to wake up this sleeping beauty known as the Bride of Christ? Do we not see what is at stake? Don’t we understand that if our symbols can be hijacked, so too can everything else we hold dear? The rainbow is only one example of many where the church has passively sat by and allowed others to redraw lines on the playing field. Linguistic redistricting is a pet peeve of mine, so don’t even get me started about terms like “tolerance,” “justice” and “love.” Those fish will be fried at a later date. But for now, I have a simple proposition: Let’s take the rainbow back." 

Yes, Dr. Hutcherson, its more important to rail against "linguistic redistricting" while you use that tactic while  you call for the recapturing of the rainbow.

Life has taught me that whenever anyone says "don't get me started" not only can't you stop them from already starting, but they are so far on their way to making a arguments and pointing fingers that they have lost sight of thoughtfulness and have already arrived at self parody and hypocrisy.

When the other side in this social struggle sees people turning their backs on their irrationality, and their only advice is to chase after a rainbow, we need to push harder for equality for all and we need to remember never to let bigots like him, like Phil Burress and the people at the American Family Association and the Nation Organization for Marriage define who we are and what we want, which is equality.

 And as for Hutcherson? Me thinks he doth protest too much. Me thinks there's a little bit of Rainbow Bright mixed with a healthy dose of self loathing in him that wants to be free, if he'll only let it out and let it shine.

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