Sunday, January 1, 2012

The winds of change are a blowing, or My Resolutions

Well, after yesterday's shocking news, Mother nature and the gods, and God for that matter are sending us a clear message today - the winds of change are a BLOWING!

Some of the gusts that came in with this weather front have been so harsh that Cookie Manor has shuttered from their brutality, and the fierce desire to sweep out the old and bring in the new.

We're hoping that its a metaphore for the year to come.

That said, I am sharing with you my Resolutions for 2012, because if you aren't growing, you are dying.

1) In 2012 I will become a Certified Genealogist.  Its what I love doing, and I could get paid for it, so why not?
2) Change my outlook in life. 
3) Try and suffer fools with a bit more compassion. 
4) Bite my tongue and count to ten before I go all Julia Sugarbacker on someone.
5) See things more clearly - step one of which I will undertake this week.
6) Travel more. 
7) Make plans for the future.  None of this living in the moment crap.  It gets me nothing and I have nothing to show for it.
8) By fewer lottery tickets.
9) Find someone else in the family to take over this family farm accounting that I do.
10) Get out of the credit union industry once, and for all.
11) Go to California for a certain wedding, and then have dinner with Felix and Donna.
and the most difficult one of all...
12) Try to see that my cousin Ellen's husband is good because he makes her happy, and the not as consumate asshole that he behaves like.

What resolutions do you care to share?


  1. Suffering fools isn't good for one's blood pressure. Also, when you start snapping photos of serious, successful businessmen like Donald Trump and Lee Iacocca in unzipped jumpsuits with wet lips, straddling chairs, then we'll talk.

  2. Resolutions? No, thank you. I wish you good success with yours.

    I wish You and all who are important to You a good New Year, Cookie.
    Genealogist? I had no idea that you have something like a certification for this in the US. I just do it.