Thursday, January 19, 2012

Callista Gingrich: Take Me to Your Leader

I am fascinated with Callista Gingrich.  The more I find out about her, the weirder she becomes.

1) She's a homewrecker.

2) She not only slept with her boss who was a leader of the family values movement that ran roughshod over Washington in the 1990s, but she married him.

3) She's only 45!  You heard me - FORTY-FIVE bitches, but she looks like she's going on SIXTY.  And she did it on PURPOSE!

4) She looks like a Vampiress, aka, Queen of the Damned.

5) She choose to sleep with Newt Gingrich and let him put his teeny dick in her secret woman place.  Doesn't that just make your skin crawl.

6) She could be our next First Lady, unless we wake up and use our votes to make sure her husband never becomes President.

And my favorite fact (or not) about her:

She has top secret laser beams implanted in her eyes!*

*It could happen


  1. ugh.

    i'd pine sol the whole site now.

  2. Can you smell the fumes of bleach and ammonia? Don't breath in deeply. The fumes are toxic!

  3. 1. She's gotta get rid of that platinum bob ... if you lit a match too close it would go up in flames;
    2. Lose the fucken red lipstick - that's what makes her look soooo old;
    3. Get some lowlights in your hair and GROW IT OUT.
    4. I can't imagine ANYONE getting in the rack with Gingrich. FUCH!

  4. So is she the new terminator? Because, that would be kind of wonderful.

  5. The husband is convinced she's a Cyborg.

  6. Canada is looking better every minute.

  7. But most distinctive is of course her gleaming helmet of white-blonde hair - the subject of much media fascination, it is believed to take up to 90 minutes to coiff into shape, and even has its own Facebook page (albeit with only 13 'likes').

  8. Thombeau - that's what the husband and I have been saying. I'm game for any place in the beaver and maple syrup kingdom, but Manitoba. Been there, done that.