Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Oh, Bitch. Please.

Oy!  Such tsoris!

OK.  So let me get this straight.  Tim "Make It Work" Gunn admitted on TV that he hasn't had sexual relations with anyone in 29 years because of one bad experience in which his performance was ridiculed by his partner.  Really?


So let me get another thing clear, OK?  Were talking about project Runway Tim Gunn, the man who coldly pushes people and constantly judges them, demanding that they be better and Better and BETTER and still NOT BE GOOD ENOUGH THAT THEY PAY FOR THEIR WAYS BY BEING KICKED OFF THE SHOW WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A HUG?

And he made this confession on an ABC daytime talk show - with no Barbara Walters prompting or probing (stop thinking that I am using this in the transitive sense) questions, and in front of Ty Pennington?

Oh bitch. Please.

According to Gunn, a man that he was very in love with criticized his sexual performance and later said that he wasn't that great in bed.   So what does Gunn do? He curls up and becomes a celibate?  Oh, bitch, please.  Someone needs to get a life or get a therapist.

Tim, darling (if you are out there, and I know you aren't) take it from me - someone who was raped as a child and learned not to internalize it or make me feel like less than a human - you need to build a bridge and get over it. If I can do it,  You need to get out and take you own fucking advice and make that ass pussy of yours  work, Princess.

Personally, I think the bitch needs some sex with a big black man to realign his chi.


  1. Amen.
    I think Dr. Cookie has just the right prescription there.

    Heck, that'd probably cure pretty much anything.

  2. Ha! Kudos and I think most people need a big black man to realign their chi.

  3. Spewing coffee over this one!
    There is always the priesthood, right?
    Don't answer that!

  4. A man aligning my chi in one hand and a chi-chi in my other hand works for me.

  5. Geeze..do we *REALLY* need to know this? Although I always thought there was something a little "woo hoo" about that boy - to quote FogHorn LegHorn.

  6. 29 years? MAN! And here I thought I was going through a dry spell.

  7. When you get thrown by a horse you have to get back on one - any rider will tell you that.

    But this whole "he didn't like my performance, blah, blah, blah." Spare us all, Missy.

    It's as bad as a guy named Troy here in Columbus who hates cum. Loves me, hates cum. Hates the sight of it, and the smell and the feeling of it. Thinks it's icky. Go figure.

  8. Love him though I do, I refuse to cry a river for the ubiquitous Mr. Gunn. Although I can somewhat relate. But that's another story.

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  9. No wonder he's so tightly wound.

  10. Ain't nuthin'like a good chi rubbin'