Sunday, January 15, 2012

Curtains, plaster and floors, oh my.

So the husband and I are putting in some work here at Cookie Manor because winter is when you get your best rates with contractors.

We even brought a real estate agent into walk through the house and tell us what she spied that needed done.  Why?  Because yours truly bought Cookie Manor in 1993 and frankly, after you have lived in a place for so long you become blind to its faults, especially when the house is 96 years old.  So fresh eyes are a good thing.  And fresh eyes will also ensure that we fix the things we need to fix, and not waste our money doing something stupid.

So the plasterer is coming in to redo the bathroom ceiling and the second floor hallways ceiling and fix other little things.

THEN the carpenter is coming in to replace the sub-floor floor in the bathroom, and then I lay a new floor down that I bought at Carmello's Flooring and Carpets.

Then I have to get new curtains for the dining room.  The agent did suggest that, that's my thing.   The agent said if she were to list our house that she would have us remove all the window coverings a la HGTV.  Yeah, right.  Like I want to live my life in front of my neighbors, many of which are already living their lives in front of bare windows at this moment.

Don't believe me?

Well, "Cash Position Gary" (who is always predicating his spending habits on cars and European appliances by saying "I'm in a cash position to ...") is, at this moment banging his boyfriend in their bed which sits in front of a double window over looking the street.  And he's really pounding it to him.  I can't see it. How do I know this?  Because Hairy Sandy is banging on the door of his house screaming at the top her lungs.  That I can see, and she only does it when Gary is banging his boyfriend, which Sandy can see from her house.  And as a "womyn" who eschews contact with men, it takes something mighty big to get her womynself to cross the street and have anything to do with a man.

Oh, wait, Gary's opening his door. I wonder if she knew he was coming?

Now Sandy is doing her version of the Chicken dance by flapping her arms while she's screaming at him.

He must have closed the door because she's stomping across the street and going home.  Now she's throwing a snowball at the house, now she's going home.

Well, then.  Unless she goes for her gun, I'm going curtain shopping. 

Have a great day darlings!


  1. bare windows are only appropriate in jail.

  2. Wow! You do live in an exciting neighbourhood!
    I hope all the renovations go well for you.
    I love going curtain shopping... If only I had some Windows...

  3. What does she throw during the summer when there are no snowballs available?

  4. Best argument ever for investing in les volets.