Friday, January 27, 2012

I'm so stressed right now, I really don't care!

Things are happening people behind the scenes. There is BIG change for the Cookie household in the future.

I'm hoping I can tell you soon. Unless Kabuki Zero dreams about it and spills the beans!


  1. I hope the big change is something positive ... like you and your partner are adopting a baby!

    Whatever it is... you can handle it!

    Good Luck and Best Wishes!
    - DrewBe

  2. oh please, we all know what kabook spills when she dreams.

  3. Ha!@Norma.

    Are you getting a houseboy?

  4. Oh, Drewbie. Me, in charge of raising a child? Now there is an interesting consideration. But no.

    Just know that when I can tell you, I will.

  5. You're running off with little Timmy Gunn?

  6. my little kabuki lips are sealed, and tell Norma to stop peering in my windows as kabuki slumbers.