Monday, January 30, 2012

Well guess where I woke up today!

Generic Picture of the Town Hall

...Wellesley.  Wellesley, Massachusetts.

Worse yet, we flew stand-by to save a few kopecks. I loathe flying stand by.  But I have Xanax, so I shouldn't care.

Why Wellesley? It's time for a safari to the in-laws, and we never know what fun we will find, or angst we'll discover.   And it's going to be a long - a very long visit.  Thankfully, I adore my in-laws.

Still, one never knows what we'll find since two large (100 foot tall) White Pines fell on their house last month and tried to cleave it in two.

The house is all repaired, but the views will most certainly be different.

My husband has promised me good meals.  And I might need to escape to Newton, Natick or even Needham if things get really bad.  And we may have to take a side trip or two to shrines of the family and other ancient locations.


On the plus side, we will get an audience with King Jed and Queen Nettie.  King Jed and I went to college together 30 (has it really been that long ago?) years ago.   I would have married King Jed if he were gay.  Lucky Queen Nettie.

Our house sitter will be watching movies and eating us out of house and home she's half boll weavel.

All I can say is thank God for Yodels and our iPad.  Makes the whole thing bearable.

More to come as things develop.


  1. Hey Cookie!
    It makes for a great story!!!

    My house sitters have always been half-weevil too, with a bloodline tainted
    by cabinet moths....

    1. How's the weather? I used to drive around Wellesley, to brush up my skills after years of not driving, to practice for my test (which was on Father Morrissey Boulevard in Dorchester!) It's a lovely town.

  2. Had I know you were coming I'd baked a cake!