Sunday, January 8, 2012

The right eye has met the enemy and it is the left eye.

Never trust shifty eyes.

So, now I can see out of both eyes.  This is creating a problem.

My right eye, the eye I had been relying on, is my dominant eye.  I've used it almost exclusively for the past five or so years while the cataract in the left eye rendered it useless.  The surgery last week took care of the left eye. 

So my left eye is pretty much healed and it has discovered that it very much enjoys seeing the world, and I enjoy seeing out of it because it is CLEAR.

The right eye - old reliable - has a cataract as well as it's vision (near sighted and astigmatism) issues.  It resents the interloper.

The left eye, now wants to do everything, but the right eye is in cahoots with my brain and my brain liked the old set up because it is familiar.

The icing on this cake is that my glasses are only good for driving.

Then there is the issue of color.

When I look at something white through left eye, it's white.  When I look at something white through the right eye, its, well, beige, which is a sign of a cataract.   When I look through both, they fight for dominance.

Now, take this picture of a man that I found on my porch roof outside my home office this afternoon:

The man is my husband, and trust me when I say this - I love looking at him no matter what.  Still, the image on the left is what I see in my left eye, the image on the right is very close to what I see through the right eye. 

The eye's also fight when it comes to how far away I hold things when I read.   My right eye wants the paper (or screen) right in front - like three inches from the tip of my nose, a la Mr. Magoo.  My left eye would like things a leisurely foot or so up to about two feet away, thank you very much.   The brain, which is behaving like a child in a divorce custody battle is trying to make both sides happy.  And me, I'm getting a headache.

The eye doctor said it would take a couple weeks for my brain to figure this out.  I'm good with that.  Still, it's an interesting process or "unlearning". 

Tomorrow is my third doctor appointment in the past week, and one of the things we are talking about is getting my right eye done in February so both eyes are in balance.

If that comes to fruition, then this battle royal will continue until about the third week of March - when both eyes are healed enough to get a good pair of progressive lenses so I don't have to do battle with outmoded glasses

And that means a trip to see Missy, my optometrist's wife.  And Missy understands that me looking for glasses is a lot like when women shop for the perfect paif of red shoes. 

So if you see a man putting on and taking off his glasses, squinting and trying to read at various levels in the next six weeks or so, that would be yours truly.  Do say "Hello".

If it is not me, well then you have a perfectly good excuse for getting out of a delicate situation.