Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You put the "G" before the "O"...

...and you just GO girl!

Isn't this the best picture of Mr. Peenee - EVER!? 

I met a photographer who had her stowed away in an envelope.  What's more, he had a picture of her modelling a girdle at the same show.  For as much as I loved that image, I knew I was tempting the fates and decided not to ask for that one.  But she's mighty scrumptious as she is here - a fashion plate of 1967 middle America.

Hope this brings a smile to your face.  And if your day gets you down, just think of her, whoever she may have been.


  1. In Peenee's case, you put the "H" before the "O."

  2. hats of toilet tissue, how thrifty.

  3. It's true. When Peenee walks into a room we all just have to sit there and stare.