Friday, July 15, 2011

Well, that was fun wasn't it?

Well folks, we're back from our vacation from blogging and I hope that I am feeling refreshed.  Funny thing about vacations from blogging - you take them because you simply feel drained - the new ideas are lacking.  And the minute you say you are going to do it, the ideas bubble forth.

"So," you ask yourself, "what could Cookie have done while on Blog Vacation?"

Truthfully, I spent my vacation finishing up my work on Mother's estate, which has been on autopilot for the past couple months.  After we got the auction done, the house went onto the crappy real estate market where it sat until we dropped the price, and our pride, to the point someone poked the house with a stick and bought it.

If you have never been in contract to sell a house in this market, its a lot like trying to have an orgasm when your taking Zoloft.  Try as you might to make it to the orgasm of signing on the dotted line, you just can't grasp that final tier to make it over the hurdle.   And by the time you do make it, you are so not impressed with the results and a cigarette afterwards doesn't make you feel any better about it.

So I have been trying to think good thoughts and stay busy and stay out of trouble.  Now that I have a little bit of money in the bank I am trying to keep my hands off it lest I blow it on crap I don't need off of eBay, like a 1966 Corvair that I have had my eye on.

Hopefully I can drive a stake through this vampire in the next two weeks and close the estate, once and for all.


  1. I volunteer to help you spend your money.

  2. 1966 Corvair?! Please seek professional help immediately!

  3. Yay for being through. A '66 Corvair? Just go download "Little Red Corvette" and be happy.