Monday, July 18, 2011

How I'm going to spend my vacation...

...doesn't involve a beach or fun.  But it looks like it'll involve pain medications.

Well what was going to be a day of being medically poked and prodded went a lot faster than we though because there were two cancellations ahead of me.  So the MRI got done faster than thought and doctors was available to look at the results sooner and the prognosis is surgery, pain meds and a sling.

As the illustration might indicate, I have a torn rotator cuff - and it turns out it is torn worse than I expected, but not as bad as the doctor first believed it to be.

Last year I tore both driving the Studebaker; it didn't have power steering and was a bitch to parallel park.  The right one hurt like a mother, so he treated that one.  The left shoulder bothered me, but not so much, so we decided to leave it be.  So while the right mended on its own, the left arm pulled more of the heavy lifting and I really did it up good.

I can still use my arm, its just if I move it in certain ways it feels like a red hot poker is at work.  Oddly, it isn't lifting that bothers it, but lowering it that hurts the most. 

Surgery is tenativly scheduled for the first week in August, followed by six weeks in a sling, folllowed by another six weeks of limited motion.

Oh, Bother.


  1. Oh dear! You have my sincere sympathies, I've been dealing with rotator cuff issues for over a year now thanks to weightlifting.

  2. hideous.
    well, at least i know why the studebaker is toast.