Sunday, July 17, 2011

Same old garage...

This is our sad little garage. When I bought the house in 1993 it was even sadder looking and I considered tearing it down. The wood was rotten and I was convinced that it was standing up out of habit instead of being structurally sound.  But then the seller's attorney pissed me off at the closing, and we had money sitting in an escrow account to fix a sill, so I decided that they had to do something to fix it - all of it - and keep it standing.  Yeah, I'm that kind of bastard.

Anyway, over the years it been through a lot. it used to lean; we fixed that.  It used to sag; we fixed that.  And it used to bow from too much snow weight.  We fixed that too.  It's been painted twice and while the paint on the house is holding up well, this garage was chipping and peeling like it was no one's business.  In fact the wooden garage door,  that was replaced in the early 1960s with a "ranch style" overhead door, was so bad from the years of neglect from the previous owners that we were patching the patches. 

So we hired this guy that we knew from going out.  He needed the money to fix his car.  He was looking for an odd job to do and would work for cash.  He agreed to paint the garage for "X".  He put in one days work and felt it was too much work.  What we then had was a garage that was half scraped and looking like it was standing on tobacco road.  So...

We opened our wallets and bought a new door for it and had it installed and then we went out yesterday morning before the day got too ungodly hot and painted the front of it.  Doesn't she look gorgeous?

Just for giggles, here's the before and after.

Yeah, I know, same old whore - new clothes, but my hybrid is so excited to have such a nice looking place to spend the night and I think it looks much better - maybe even a bit pretty?

I'm spending the day tomorrow with my orthpedic have rotator cuff fun, so I'll see you all on Tuesday!


  1. Nice! Looks better than my apartment.

  2. It's adorable!

    It looks like it has a face now.

    I know someone who'd like to move into it.

  3. Trust me, in our neighborhood if we didn't keep it locked I'd come to finding a squatter in there.

  4. I love it! Now come on over and do ours!