Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Something is coming - but is it something good?

Cookie is going on an adventure in time.  Cookie will reveal all in the next couple days.

Bonus Points: Can you find Cookie in this picture?  Cookie's childhood best friend (he too grew up to like guys.)

Bonus Bonus Points: Can you find the most disgusting person to ever be Cookie's classmate?

Finish this sentence: Miss Vermeulen was a cunt because...


  1. Are you the little girl with the coke bottle glasses? Bottom row center?

    Maybe the little pudgy boy bottom row far right?

    Ooh, are you the little token black boy?

    I'm guessing you are the handsome boy with the blazer and tie next to the 1971 underneath Miss Vermeulen.

    The gay friend is center square with the white shirt with banded collar.

    Miss Vermeulen is a cunt because she hated you and picked on you, embarrassed you and made stand in the corner many times a day.

    The most disgusting person is the one to the left of the boy with the white shirt and banded collar.

    Thanks for your most recent kind comment. It's greatly appreciated.

  2. 4th row, first one.

    teacher was a cunt because in her native language, vermeulen means cunt.

  3. I'll tell what made the teacher deplorable. First of she was really cruel (and I just thought she was a bitch) to me. But she also told the only Africian American in the class that his presence in the room created a problem for several parents, and "because of HIM they pulled their children from her room." She was a Racist bitch! Of course she quit at the end of the year and rumor has it she became a secretary.

  4. Was there a sale on yellowish-orange shirts in the boys' department?

  5. MJ asks...

    Was there a sale on yellowish-orange shirts in the boys' department?

    It was 1970. Everything at Sears was burnt orange or avocado green.

  6. I believe Cookie is the dashing young man in coat and tie to the right of "1971" and slightly below the cunt.

    Cookie's best friend is undoubtedly Dr. Miller because the prinicpal is always your pal!

    The most disgusting person Cookie went to school with is in the bottom row, second from left. I say this based purely on my adverse reaction to his/her pale pallor and disturbingly premature mastery of the "unisex look".

  7. I am very sorry to report that I found out that one of my classmates in this picture committed suicide. She was a gentle girl, very bright, very caring. Rest in Peace, Susan Kruse.

  8. Cookie is the dashing young man in the upper right hand corner of the photo. The 2nd gay boy indeed occupies the Center Square.

    Integrating midwestern schools was a touchy issue in 1970. It's good that Miss Cunt found another line of work, perhaps as a butcher, or a Congressional Representative from Minnesota.