Monday, April 26, 2010

We miss the Kahiki

No, its no an IHop on acid, it was the Kahiki, the largest most fabulous Polynesian Supper Club in the Midwest.  In it's day it was the place to be seen in Columbus.  Then a man bought the Kahiki who cared more about frozen food then he did about saving the business and the building and interior which was on the National Register of Historic Places.  So the Kahiki was torn down my Walgreen's, a company that had a policy against tearing down National Register properties in place, but deemed the demolition as a "go" because the owner wanted it torn down, as well.

We had our last dinner at the Kahiki with - of all people - Frank DeCaro!  Who jetted to Columbus just to dine at the most fabulous supper club in all the world.  And there, in the Kahiki gift shop reader, Frank lei'd me.  I shall always treasure the lei.

And the man who sold the restaurant to run a frozen food company of the same name as the late restaurant?  He died shortly after his dream, or nightmare, became a reality.  Karma will bit you in the ass for killing a beloved institution just as Frank DeCaro will lei your in a gift shop.

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