Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Love personified, OurMen

You know, a lot of gay men say that they want this in a man or that in a man.  He must be this this, or he must no be that.  He must love this or he must love that.  Some of us want one kind of man so bad that we end miserable in arelationship with the wrong man because he had the attributes we though we wanted, only to find out that what the guy was also missing were the things our hearts sang out for.

One twerp said that "How don't care how perfect he is, he can't drink coffee with cream in it because that offends me."  Another person we know constantly makes the wrong decisions in men by picking the same under acheivers, flim flam artists and other dorks who are not as smart as he is.  The consequence for him is that his life is a revolving door constantly spitting out "The ONE" who always becomes the latest "ex". One man I know, who sideded with my ex when I walked out 13 years ago, once confided to me that "He" (his lover) "came only come by masturbation and I hate that.  Frottage is a much more personal way to have an orgasm and I'm going to break him of that hand..." and I thought Holy crap honey, the man is beautiful inside and out, he's gentle, you're ga ga for him, if he wants to use a hand, let him.

Then there are those of us who are exquisitly blessed to find that the man we find, or who found us, is the right one for us and we are so to him as well.  He accepts us, we accept him.  He doesn't change us and we have no need to change him. Together, its perfect propinquity.

Real love, between a man and the one he allows into his life is personified by the image above.  It is at once happy, and tender, and serious, and fun, and trusting - and well you get the picture.  This picture was purloined from our friend MrPeenee.  Peenee is the one with the joyous smile, his husband known to us as "RMan" is the strong silent one. This is an image that only people who love one and other could make together.

We received a bit of bad news in this community of faithful friends orbiting similar blogs - dear Penee and RMan are facing an issue that none of us ever wants to face, but many of us will - the illness of our  partner/lover/spouse.  Our heart goes out to him and to his RMan. 

Today and forever more they "OurMen". 

Now is not a time for sympathy, but prayers and good feelings and positive Karma. Peenee needs us and we shall not let him or his man down.

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