Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Surly this belongs in a Hair Hall of Fame!

I found this in the January 19, 1967 edition of the Marion Star - my hometown newspaper - tucked in a cupboard at my mother's house.  I have no idea why my stepfather or his wife tucked it there.  I have no idea why my step brother and sister wanted nothing to do with it when they emptied the house of their parents posessions after my step father died.  And until we started The Hair Hall of Fame blog, it never dawned on me what I would ever do with it while I was saving it in and acid free enevelope.

Well, thank God I did save it. 

I can find nothing on Marjorie Barnekow.  I have tore up the Internet, and I have searched hi and low and nothing on this nationally famous Wig Consultant.  Nor can I find anything to back up the assertion that Brunettes can be exotic.  If this were true, my mother would wear finger cymbals.

So wherever you are Majorie, I salute you.  And I will forever feel cheated that I was denied a chance to go to Wigs-A-Go-Go.

Now I want to oopen a dance bar with that name.  Will this torment ever end?


  1. Does Sears have an archive?

    Marjorie Barnekow must be found!

  2. I think I’ve found our gal!

    Google the following words exactly as I typed them here…

    “Marjorie Wilson” wigs

    Now view your first result.

    The timeline fits as it’s dated 1968.

    Perhaps she was “Miss Marjorie Wilson” before she married and became Marjorie Barnekow.

  3. Damn. I've mixed up the dates.

    Yours is '67 and the "Miss" photo is '68.

    Well, perhaps she divorced and changed her name.

  4. What I love about this is that its that period hocum of mixing terms - Wigs and "Go-Go" don't go together like "Go-Go Boots". Now "Boots-a-Go-Go" is a clever play on "Go-Go Boots". But I don't recall there ever being "Go-Go Wigs" - which makes "Wigs-A-Go-Go" all that more enchanting. It also makes me think that a middle age man or older woman came up with the idea, mistakeningly thinking that it sounded "with it", "cool" and "hip", which makes it all the more uncool.

  5. from now on, when i walk thru sears, especially thru tools, i shall go glamorous.

  6. Well to get to the Wig Salon, you have to go through the Tool Department anyway.

  7. It seems like in some ways 'a-go-go' became the mid-late 60s update on the late 50s 'o-rama'.

  8. Wigs-A-Rama?

    Today we could say "Getting Wiggy With It"

  9. But why does she look so somber? That I do not understand - in a land where "wigs" and "a-go-go" meet, how could anyone not have a look of wild abandon in their eyes?

  10. Why? Because, Marjorie Barnekow was a professional. And because I'm sure that when this picture was taken, she had no inkling that Wigs-A-Go-Go would ever be a go (go).