Thursday, March 11, 2010

Worth Repeating: ZAYRE you are

Taking a day or two to recharge, I invite you rediscover this post on ZAYRE

If spelling was ever my forte, it would have been when I was three. According to my mother that was when I learned to spell Z A Y R E, the first word that I learn to spell. I remember the sign, which was HUGE and I remember that I was fascinated that a word began with "Z". The letters lit up one after another and then it blinked the whole word. I imagined that giants - and that could be the only solution in my little eyes - put those letters up there. So going to ZAYRE was a very big deal in my pea picking sized childlike brain.

Hell, back then going anywhere was a big deal.


  1. What's not worth repeating is my brief foray into a life of crime. Shoplifting. 14 yrs.old. Zayres.

  2. felix, thank god the three strikes you're out law hadn't been put into place. you could've been rotting away in prison RIGHT NOW!

  3. I'm sure there's a subliminal message there in that big flashing Z...I feel an urge to shoplift already.

  4. Felix, as long as you have learned something, then it was a life lesson well learned. By the way, dear, what was your object of theft?

  5. Well *sniffle, sniffle* it was like this: I saw a simply delightful shirt. Had the money, wanted it. Carried it to the check out area (12 registers, 2 of them staffed)and there was a line half way through the store. Being resourceful I took the elevator upstairs to pay up there. (12 registers, 1 of them staffed) and there was a line all the way to the back of the store! It was in the elevator ride back down that the thought occurred to stuff the garment under my shirt, leave the store and be done with it.

    I wasn't two feet out the door when the brute grabbed me.

    So help me.

  6. You are to be commended Felix. Your honesty makes you a lion among the others. You've learned your lesson, and now you reap the reward: people love you even more. ;-)