Thursday, March 11, 2010

BREAKING BLOG: This Crazy Bitch Does What?


OK, so there are a lot of things that you can do while you are driving a car, first and foremost is actually driving the car.  You know, hands at ten and two o'clock on the steering wheel, mirrors adjusted, paying attention to the road, your speed, the gages on the dash and WHOA NELLY, watch that driver in the other lane that just went left of center.  You can also pay attention to any number of distractions, like the radio, chatting on your cell phone, checking your lipstick - the list goes on and on.

Of late however, the number one thing that you shouldn't do while driving is text your bud's on your cell phone because it causes accidents.  Well texting while driving is still dangerous, but its no longer the scourge that it was.  This lady in the pictures, one Megan Mariah Barnes, was caught red handed doing something while driving that makes texting while driving look like a walk in the park.  What did she do, you ask?

She was caught shaving off her her pubic hair while driving.

You, like me, are probably wondering, why, yes WHY, would a woman who is so careless with her roots, on her head, be concerned with the "grass on the field" as it were.  And I would tell you that all good things  in due time, but that the other "cherry" in this story is her partner in crime - her ex-husband, who was in the car, steering it while Megan was tidying up her "pubic pate".  And evidently, Megan's ex is a real honey of a guy, because Megan wasn't doing the VaJayJay housekeeping for his benefit, but for her boyfriend in Key West.  Seems her ex was just lending a hand.

You can read more about this, HERE


  1. You know my first thought on seeing this was, "She should have been retouching her ROOTS!"

  2. My first thought was "Another guy in a dress...."

  3. If the uniform is shabby, the team isn't going to take to the field.

    If the roof leaks, the basement is merkey too.