Saturday, March 6, 2010

Purging the past

Its the first weekend in March, the awnings are going back up on house next week, so you know what that means...SPRING CLEANING.

I caught a wild hare today and swept out some blogs on my recommended list because they were either not producing, or they were beginning to bore me. Naked men are a wonderful thing, butintermingled in a blog posting, they are boring.  (Semi nudes excepted.)  I added one - one on Cleveland History because I do like and care about my birthplace's history - even if going back there triggers all sorts of conflicting emotions and enough post tramtic flashbacks that keep my therapist in Mercedes Benz automobiles.

The other thing we've been doing today is throwing crap out.  I want to hire the neighbor's sons to lurk by my side door and when I fill a bag I want them to schlep it to the dumpster in the alley.  I can be more ruthless with my garbage this way.  No time to think about it or second guess, just pitch it.

And the Marion County Historical Society is getting ready for its April rummage sale - all of the things that are too nice for the dumpster but have sold at our last yard sale is being banished to Marion for their benefit.

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