Monday, March 8, 2010

Melinda Marx: Fashion Victim, Number 1

All the people are gay, on the east side of town? Really? In Shaker Heights? Really?

But let's put her music aside, if we can, for a moment, and get out the crime scene tape, and discuss this fashion victim, and how it kills her musical number, shall we?

Let's see - its the mid sixties. A-line dresses, cut to just above the knee (if you had good legs, if not just below the knee) with a sleek silhouette and simple adornments - like a bold belt or a gold chain belt or even a long pendant, right?


Who in the Hell dressed her? Minnie Pearl? Did she get a ride to the wrong show? She's dressed for the Opry, not the Palace. OK, maybe the Corn Palace, but not the Hollywood Palace. Am I right? Bitch, you know I am.

And, she violates one of the core pillars of the cardinal rules of fashion - NEVER, ever, wear dark hose and light shoes. Especially, when one wears a white dress. She looks like she's headed for a church social or a basket weaving bee in Hooterville, not the hip and gay east side of town - not even Pixly! The girl should be singing Buckles & Bows, or something from OKLAHOMA!

Oh, bitch please - even a slob like me can see what wrong here. No wonder her career tanked.


  1. nepotism at its worst. Shame.

  2. Now I know why Groucho left everyuthing to the female jockey...