Monday, March 15, 2010

The Man Who Got Away With Treason

See Dick!  Dick is shooting Dick

I seldom get political but I feel the need.

If Glenn Beck is the single most dangerous person in the United States (a manic pyschotic if ever there was one) and the people who believe him are the second most dangerous people in the nation, then Dick Cheney is the third most dangerous person.  Why?

Because he has violated the United State constitution and during his time as Vice President worked for the effective overthrow of this country's most sacred principles.  He continues to lie, quite vocally, and I believe to keep the eyes of the enemy on another target other than himself.

And like all great dictators, Cheney is busy rewriting history because he is terrified that if he doesn't not one blasted person, other than his daughters and wife will stick up for him.  And with good reason.  He is a dangerous man.  And given his preference, a dark cloud of misinformation would envelop us all.


  1. is this a positive or negative post? i am genuinly confused but i love the blog overall.

  2. No confusion here. I'm with ya sister!