Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Its "Ahnold Veekend in Coolumbis"

Every year in March Columbus is overrun with thousands of body builders, and tens of thousands of their groupies for something called the Arnold Sports Festival .  This means men with necks as larg as my thighs.  And they hang out in the strangest places, like Bob Evans Restaurants (which are also based here in Columbus) eating and eating and eating because they need to fuel their over developed bodies. 

The other odd thing going on is that people pay good money to see these guy oiling one and other down.  Any other weekend, and these guys were be branaded as perverts.  But on Arnold Weekend, its a beautiful thing to beheld by good strong Christian men and women who voted to oppose gay marriage in the Buckeye State.

At some point, "Ahnold" will appear and smoke a couple cigars, pat some guys on the back and go back to California.  Also at somepoint, women, with enough muscles to put your average man in the street toshame, will also appear.  Almost everyone will have bathed themselves in enough "fake-n-bake" solution to give them cancer. And that is Ahnold Weekend

Me, I'll be avoiding it.  I like my women to look like women, and I like my men to look likes guys.

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