Friday, March 5, 2010

The Shaker House

The Shaker House was a motel that wasn't in Shaker, per se, but it was on the cusp of the city's border with neighboring Warrensville Township.  Stylistically, it had nothing to do with good taste Shaker Heights.  And to my knowledge, after the opening of the motels at Chagrin Boulevard and I-271, no one we would associate with would stay here.

The Shaker House was a relic of the days before the Interstate System came to the eastside of Cleveland - back when the State and Federal Highway system reigned supreme because it was located on Route 8 - the road that connected Cleveland and Akron together.

What I do remember about the Shaker House is that the indoor swimming pool was located in the middle of the round wing on the second floor.  The bar, on the first floor had windows looking into the actual pool.  It was a bit of Weeki Wachee Springs Springs in Cleveland.  Except instead of mermaids, you had three hundred pound men trying to wave at you through the portholes.  The only times that I was in the building was when my father had to go see guests that stayed there.  And then we would sit in the bar where my father drank coffee and I got to see the people swimming in the pool through portholes around the bar.

My understanding is that the building is still there, and that its now the Village Hall for the village of Highland Hills, a municpality that incorporated in the 1990s.  I wonder if they still have the bar with the portholes?


  1. I misread you, and thought it was "three hundred POUND MEN" and wondered just "pound men" were ... and was beginning to eagerly await the answer from Exotic Shaker House!

  2. there's a SWAT vehicle parked outside of their now. I haven't this place looking like this in forever!