Sunday, January 31, 2010

You are hereby cordially invited to join BAMOO

Tomorrow marks the launch of the blog for the Bad Art Museum of Ohio (BAMOO).  BAMOO was founded in 1999 (I kid you not!) as the Ohio Bad Art Guild and for many years was on the web under a site with its name in it.  Well it kinda fell by the wayside when I started my own business.

The Board of Directors made an arbitrary decision to rename the enterprise BAMOO and authorized its new blog because its cheaper than paying for a web site.  Tomorrow marks the beginning of a new era in Bad Art appreciation.

We promise over a 100 works of original bad art (more or less) by some of Ohio's best painters in the Bad Art style, such as the one you see above.  Entitled CHAOS OR PROGRESS by Trumbull County Ohio artist Edith Chamberlain, it just oozes repression and all manner of Fruedian rocket envy.  I know you love it.  You can't help BUT love it!  And all of the pieces, including the one above, dwells in our basement.

Be there or be square.


  1. This found clown painting hangs proudly on my wall.

  2. We're doing a whole week of clown paintings in February, including Monnet's (thats how it is signed) "Clowns of Giverney".

  3. Nothing says class like a hand fart from Jesus. Take that, stupid dumb rocket ship.