Saturday, January 9, 2010

One of the great loves of my life...

In my life I have owned a number of cars.  Some great, two that were lemons, and then there were the two that I mourn the passing of.  The all time favorite was a 1977 Plymouth Volare Premire station wagon.  Mine was copper color, with the "stimulated" di-noc wood trim.  I named her Roz and got her my freshman year in college.  She had a Slant Six engine that drank a quart of oil every ten tanks of gas, and the front fenders rusted like no ones business.  But it was a stellar car with smooth performance and every feature known to God and man alike.

I made the mistake of selling Roz to a friend (who wrecked her) and then buying a brand spanking new Subaru station wagon.  Maybe I loved Roz too much, or maybe the Subaru really was a piece of crap.  No, change that, I didn't love Roz enough and that Subaru was a piece of crap.   How does that old saying go?  "Marry in haste; repent in leasure".

I miss my Roz and if I find one, I'm buying it.

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  1. i thought these were quite good looking. i spent lots of time in a gawd awful ugly 77 or 78 butterscotch volare or aspen 2 door. so ugly.