Thursday, January 21, 2010

Stepping back from the ledge

Well boys and girls, the news that I have decided to pull the plug on this blog are true, but rather than kill the poor suffering beast as I should, I've decided that a sabatical is in order instead.

Two things happened.  First - this blog really has had a hard time finding itself, and as a result, it hasn't found an audience.  Aside from the small legion of people following it, and the occassion comments about how folks have found it and love it, its never really generated interest from folks, and that is a direct result of my not being able to find its focus.

One thing that I never wanted this to become was a self masturbatory excercise in how great I am, blah blah blah, because that would be boring and that would make me a bore.

But on the other hand I have never wanted this to become some rambling screed from someone bemoaning their lot in life.  Lets face it, we've all had lives - some of them great, others far better than we think they are, but for most of us, its a day to day event just getting through the day.

So instead of killing the beast, I'm going on an extended leave of absence.

I will be back - at least I hope I can make it back if so inclined - on this blog.

In the meantime, you can find me two other places for the immediate future:

Periodically Anachronistic my blog on magazines out of time, and out of my imagination


Bad Art Museum of Ohio (launching in February, 2010)

So, for now DHTISH is on sabatical.  Hope to see you soon.


  1. Oh God! I love this blog!! I read it with Google Reader which does not have a "Comment" option. However it does tell me that 16 people are subscribed to the blog with Google Reader. My suggestion would be to write when you damn fell like writing, don't make it a chore, make it fun for yourself! Hope to be reading your new blog posts soon!

    - DrewBe in Sunny Sunnyvale, California

  2. Mr. Cool Cookie I just found you a few weeks ago and now you're leaving me. Good luck really, I just started my blog and I understand how hard it is. Thanks and good luck, Kevin

  3. Kevin, DrewBe - give me a few days - what I need to do is go to Africa - to forget.

    But I will be back.

    In the meantime check out my other blog, Periodically Anachronistic. If you get the joke, its big fun.

    I'll return in the month of love, promise.


  4. Darling, give it time. SSUWAT took half a year to "catch on," as it were. Also, comments aren't everything - so many people just read and enjoy and don't necessarily leave a comment. (The number of actual comments I receive versus followers/readers is wildly disproportionate.) So, I say, blog when you feel like it, just post what you enjoy, and don't stress!

  5. Where do you think you're going? You just sit right back down, bitch.

  6. Peenee! TBJ! Everyone! I'm touched! Give me until groundhog day. I'll be back. I just need time to recharge.

    And I promise good stuff. Look for a misty eyed tribute on February 3rd. And beware of the man - any man - with a limp; he is a portend of disturbing news.