Monday, January 18, 2010

The memories come flooding back, sorta

This takes me back - but not that far back.

This is the flooding on Lee Road back in 1959 - 1959 was a bad year for weather, and it was YEARS before I was even a zygote in my mothers secret lady place.

What takes me back is the marquee on the old Shaker Theatre!  The theatre was down on Lee Road (which is that part of Shaker that the snooty people just pretend does not exist) and my grandparents lived up on Kenyon Road.  From their driveway you could look down the block and see the Theatre marquee through the trees.  I thought its lettering was really exotic, kind deco, kinda funky.  Evidently the films it was showing by the time I was old enough to remember such thing were mighty exotic too.

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