Monday, January 11, 2010

Our Mystery Mobile for January 12, 2010

OK all you gearheads, take a stab at this production automobile.  Name the Make and the Year and who sold it.


  1. 1960 Canadian Ford Frontenac, sold by Mercury/Meteor dealers in Canada.

  2. LOVE this picture! So much going on. The nuclear reactor BB-Q in the background. The driver looks soused. Free spirits dancing off to the side. Bongos! And, you have the hostess making excuses as to why the people in car weren't invited.

    Smack in the middle is HoDad's Heap; the car is a Ford Falcon incognito. But it is a 1960 FRONTENAC (not a Ford Frontenac) and it was sold by Mercury-Meteor, a division of Ford of Canada. One year only make, and pug ugly sweet. Prized by collectors - just try finding parts for yours should it have a run in with a cart while you shop at The Bay.

    If only they were as much fun as the picture paints it to be.

  3. I was gonna say, it looks like a souped up Meteor!

    PS. Junior is sneaking a swig of scotch while mom and dad aren't looking.