Sunday, January 17, 2010

When you think of processed cheese foods....

...think of one of our cheesiest friends!  Though she may not always be in good taste (but always tastes good), it is to Miss Velveeta Kraft that I award accolades for getting the precisely correct answer on the Mystery Mobile quiz from last Monday as the FRONTENAC, a one year stand alone make of automobile from Ford of Canada Ltd, and sold by Mercury Meteor dealers in the land of Beavers, Brave Men in Red RCMP uniforms and Maple Leaves.

And you just know that the advertising executives were just fit to be tied over what they could say about this heavily masked Ford Falcon to make it appealing so they called it "EVENTFUL", whatever that meant.

The cars are uber rare and have the cache of being single year vehicles.  They are most defiantly conversation starters.  Beware of unscrupulous people who take pieces parts from junked Frontenac's and bolt them onto concurrent Falcons hoping to make a quick mint on a car that would cost you a buck.


  1. you got me on this one stu, never heard of it. i love seeing those odd amalgamations....saw some humdingers once down in south america. i took no photos, what a boob i was.

  2. Ford just retired a vehicle line from either Argentina or Brazil that was based on the 1966 full size Ford Galaxie. Its amazing that it was still in production, but it makes me wonder how they stay in business when they never seem to invest in their products overall, down there.