Monday, January 1, 2018

Gene and Mayrene would just like to wish you...

...a Happy New Year.

And Cookie would like to remind you that 2018 is a Mid Term Election year and that in the first week of November, we have the ability to change both houses of Congress Blue.  So get your tails in gear and get out and support a qualified candidate for your House or Senate Senate seat and end this one-party rule that the Ogre in the White House enjoys.  Remember - we WANT a very happy 2019 and 2020.


  1. HNY cookie and husband! HELL YEAH we take the country back this year!

    PS - talk about helmet hair! and gene looks like roy moore's evil twin!

  2. Best of all possible years, my dear.

    And I'd bet dollars to donuts that Mayrene is a not-too-distant relation of the immortal Edna Boil

  3. Good message Cookie!!!! Happy New Year to the Cookie household down there in Balitmere!!!

    On a side note, my mother had the same hair style when I was a wee one.

  4. I just know I'm gonna screw up & forget that
    it's 20187 when I right my first check this year.

    [Darling, I can't help myself!]

  5. HNY to you and yours, too.
    And, yes, they are a happy couple up top, they just aren't showers.

  6. I'll be dead by 20187. But since I don't have the right to vote in your country, I don't suppose it matters.