Saturday, July 27, 2013

Seriously, what the hey

So the husband and I are driving back from White Marsh today and we encounter a "convoy" of cars that all seem to have the same car club decals on their rear windows.  Almost all of the cars are from Pennsylvania.

As we wait at a light, with the convoy in the right lane, the husband says "Seriously? What the hey?" and he points. There, on the Yukon next to us is this sticker:

Its a pink ribbon - breast cancer awareness, usually - and the wording "LADY BM".

So, what do you think "Lady BM" stands for?


  1. Um...I know what it stands for,
    and I'm glad there's a charity for it.
    I gave at the office.

  2. Since most of the cars had PA license plates....
    I wonder if they are from Bryn Mawr College (an all women's college just outside of Phila). It's just a guess.

    1. I would ask, would anyone from Bryn Mawr knowingly call herself "Lady BM", or would she be driving a BMW, instead?

  3. it's muscato's car...lady bon mot.

  4. Replies
    1. Thats some low hanging fruit you scooped up there, MJ.