Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Cookie gets political: From Carpet Muncher to Carpetbagger

Pity poor Liz Chaney.

Dick Cheney's daughter is about as welcome in LGBT community as Anita Bryant.   She has a nice smile.  And that lovely blond hair.  And happy home life.

Yes, we know that he father helped get Maryland's Question 6 passed last November, but, most people still think of Dick as the magical community thinks of Lord Voldemort.

But Liz Cheney is different.  Liz Cheney sold out the gay community and actively worked to install politicians into office that hate the LGBT community.  And Liz Cheney has never lifted a finger to do anything for the LGBT community.  She has never lent her face to a cause for LGBT rights, she stayed silent during last November's marriage races.  Nada.  Nothing.

So what's a girl to do now that daddy, and her for that matter, is personae non-grata in Washington DC?

Why move back to Wyoming so she can run for the U.S. Senate!

But there is a problem.  Wyoming already has a Conservative Republican Senator by the name Mike Enzi. And its time for Enzi's reelection campaign to begin.  And this is the seat that Liz has decided she wants.  And Mike Enzi isn't ready to retire.

And the people of Wyoming aren't ready to vote Enzi out, either.

As a matter of fact, it appears that Liz has the problems, if you take the one stated above into consideration, problems with this plan of hers.

First, Mike Enzi isn't ready to retire or go out quietly.

Secondly, she's seen as an outsider - someone who moved back home just to run for office.  In the dictionary thats called being a carpetbagger.  Wyoming residents don't like that.   They don't cotton to people from the big city of Washington using them for their own personal gain.

Thirdly, Liz is having really bad poll numbers.  How bad?  The numbers show that Enzi is popular and that less than 40% like Cheney.  Most say they don't know her.  And they don't know her because she hasn't spent her life building bridges with the people in her home state.

And when you don't have bridges to reach across and shake hands with local donors, you have to look elsewhere to fund your primary campaign, and if there is anything that Wyoming resident distrust more than someone from Washington DC, its money from Washington DC.

Even Olympia Snowe, the highly regarded former Republican Senator from Maine finds Liz' exploits "unfortunate".  And Olympia loves everyone.

Now between the election in 2014, Liz could very well pull this stunt off, but it isn't going to be pretty.  Liz is going to run a dirty, dirty race, because thats the way she rolls.  But while Wyoming residents may love a good bullrider, they don't like a bullshitter.

And thats what Liz is. Bullshit.


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  1. This is just the sort of behaviour that gives narcissistic self-serving nepotism a bad name.

  2. She's a POS, Just thinking about it makes me cringe.