Monday, July 15, 2013


So my niece, who I call Niecy, came to Baltimore yesterday with her youngest child.  Nephew in Law is still up in the mountains at their camp and has their daughter and is teaching Niecy Jr. all about boating and hiking.   So we had a pleasant visit, but Nephew Jr., who is two and a half, got a case of the fidgets, as boys his age are apt to do, so Cookie got out his suitcase of old battered up Corgi's for Junior to play with.

The kid was immediately smitten and began doing what a child of his age can do with an old box of cars - he lined them up.  Then he moved over and faced a different direction and lined the same cars up another way, and so it went for about an hour.  Quietly, he studied each car.  He grouped them by colors.  Then by size.  By three he'll be crashing these semi broken reminders of my childhood into one and other, but for now he was content to look at the and open doors and hoods and trucks of toys from long lost makes like Rover and NSU.

His mother was telling us that he was learning his colors and she asked him "What color is that one in your hand?" And he responded "BLUE".  And then he had to go down the line, calling out his colors as I pointed to them.

And then we got to a bright magenta car.   Since magenta hasn't crept into his vocabulary at that age - although I had mastered it by age two, I am not judging - he had to think about it.  He was smart enough to know it wasn't really purple, nor pink.  But he was on the spot and his mind was trying to find the right words.  And then it did.


Say what? What did you say?

"PPURPLE PIMPMOBILE! and dis one orange..." and down the row he kept going.

"Did he just say..." I started to asked Niecy.

"He heard it while we were on a tour bus from another rider and now its just one of those things.  He'll outgrow it if we just ignore it."

Next year, Nephew Jr. starts daycare while his parents work.  I wish I could be a fly on the wall when he belts out a "PURPLE PIMPMOBILE" but my Niece is probably right - he'll forget it in due time.

But this was one of those charming moments when a child belts out something they have heard and the adults in the room laugh, because, well thats what we laugh at.

But when Nephew Jr. grows up and has children of his own, I plan on teaching his son PURPLE PIMPMOBILE.  Gotta keep those family traditions alive...


  1. Oh, kids say the funniest things. "Why do I have to eat this delicious-looking apple?", "I do not smell of dogs droppings!" and "Aaaaahh! No! Don't push me in the oven!" are some of my favourites, but "Purple Pimpmobile" is now one of those favourites.

  2. all about the corgis, of course.

  3. You may have known magenta at age two, but we just learned who the precocious one is.

  4. My friends 4 year old is fond of calling me, "Bitch Ass".

    Too which I laugh, then complement him on using the phrase correctly.