Saturday, February 2, 2013

You know what today is the Cookie Calender?


Today is Groundhog Day.

And for those of us who suffer from Seasonal Affective Depression Disorder (SADD), this is about the time that the fog of winter begins to lift.

It is also the day that Cookie feels real winter is over.  Yes, we know that February and March can be brutal.  But face it: snow won't linger on the ground for weeks on end from this point forward.  At most a few days.

I think the latest bad storm that I can recall is the April snowstorm that Columbus had back in either 88 or 89.  We got clobbered with two feet of snow, and then it was gone in two days. Never had enough time to pack down and get stubborn.

And know that we are on the east coast, we are excited at the prospect of being four planting zones ahead of Columbus, which gives us a month more in the growing season.

So whether you pay heed to Punxsutawney Phil or not, time marches on and the days of being hotter than Melba are coming.


  1. Well, as a Pennsylvanian born and bred, I of course always pay attention to Phil (although in my part of the state, snow is a reality for at least another two months. Goddam lake effect...).

    Alas, out here in the Sandlands the beginning of February only brings us that much closer to the sad days (usually in early March) when we go back inside our air-conditioned burrows until the next time the heat drops below 110 degrees. For the moment its all lunch in the garden and dinners on terraces, but the days are already warming up...

    1. But it's a dry heat. By the time August comes round here the humidity will be excruciating. And going outdoors will be like taking a shower in you clothing.