Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Dreams and nightmares

I have been haunted by dreams and nightmares of late.

Last night's dream was that we were back in our old house and:

1) My former boss Danny took it upon himself to install a toilet in my kitchen.
2) I did not want the toilet in my kitchen, and I was called ungrateful.
3) Danny's friends re-did my kitchen, but put tiny small counter-tops in.
4) When I asked why, they said they ate all my food.
5) After they left, man used our old driveway as a street.  He stopped and looked at my Oldsmobile.
6) People started showing up thinking that I was having a yard sale.
7) My pants disappeared, but my shirt was now a nightshirt.
8) After I got rid of the people at the yard sale, my living room was full of old friends.
9) Some friends - they left the door open and the dogs got out.
10) I got the dogs back.
11) My friend Trella wanted to serve a giant Jelly (Jell-O).
12) My friend Kate appeared with some man who looked familiar but I did not know his name.
13) My friends left.

And then I woke up.

I hate dreams like this.

Now, please decode this dream.


  1. I'm guessing here, but: former boss issues, remodeling issues, food issues, car issues, pants issues, friend issues, jello issues, dog issues.

  2. I'd guess, but all I can think is you should be grateful that it's not wall-to-wall Celeste Holm...

    1. Even one Celeste ahold would be one too many.

  3. Cookie, I don't know, really. Except that, I sometimes have dreams about toilets at grocery stores that are installed out in the open, no doors at all, at the cash register, at the magazine rack. And, somehow in my dream I am seriously considering using it, all out in the opennot caring who sees me. And,sometimes toilets appear in dreams in the middle of the room, and I am not appalled by it.

    From what I can determine, it means your privacy is being invaded during your waking hours. Your, "business is out in the street" so-to-speak.

    The appearance of Jell-o, however, may mean you need a visit from June Cleaver. For me, it would be Eddie Haskall. Oh, yes!

  4. And I thought I had weird dreams.