Monday, February 25, 2013

Kevin: Baby, I'm a STAR!

Kevin, I take it that Timmy isn't in the well, correct?

Enough already with "Bloscars" (Blah Oscars) from last evening.  Talk about a fashion yawner.  If you missed it, and good for you, then you know that the evening was filled with pale young women wearing pale dresses that washed out their pale skin.

And Jessica Chastain: she looked fabulous you say, no, make that coo.  You coo that she looked fabulous.

What the fuck is wrong with people?  You do not put a pale pinkish woman in a pale pinkish dress makes for a washed out appearance on the red carpet.  Yes, she has a fabulously unhealthy figure.  I could snap her neck like a Chicken.  But the girl needed color.

But enough about them.

Lets talk about this stage mother's favorite topic: our little STAR Kevin!

Kevin will appear this coming Saturday morning on WBAL-TV during Dr. Kim Hammond's pet chat appearance.  Kevin will hopefully look adorable for Dr. Hammond while answering questions on worming, fleas and temperament issues.  Not his, but the people who call and write in.

Its three minutes, but we're dying to see how many people call in wanting to adopt him, not knowing he has a very loving and caring home.  Nothing but the best for Kevin, who is a GIANT chick magnet - fat lot of good it does Cookie. 

Right now we're working with Kevin and his emoting.  Though he tends to "Live in the Moment", Kevin has several facial expressions that we feel will WOW the home viewing audience.  While cute and lovable, this stage mother feels that we have to reach beyond adorable to snag an award.

So today we were working on his "Gonna Go Eat Some Worms" look (see above) and we've also mastered "pathetic" because pathos really sells a role to the audience.

Will anyone love me? Kevin masters pathos.
And after a long walk, and a huge poop - whatever do they feed these dogs when we are away - he is now content and relaxing upon the giant pillow we bought for his big brother (and April STAR) Rocky.

Kevin must have his beauty rest.  His brother Rocky joins him for some nappy time.

As for dialog, we're thinking it would better for him to approach this as a silent picture, and just emote, emote, emote and not get a doggy woody, because its huge and obscene.

So tune in sometime on Saturday morning (you can stream him at 

He may not have the pedigree that Norma's gorgeous (and I mean gorgeous) corgi's have, but he an 8 lbs. scene stealer.  And America loves its mutts.


  1. Replies
    1. But not like your girls, or their boys. Yours are perfect. Kevin is cute.

  2. Kevin has more star quality than most of those bitches on the red carpet.

    1. Got that sister. And Kevin would never work with Quentin Terantino. Quentin Terantino is for chumps.

  3. You must be so proud. Two stars in the family with no sibling rivalry...a credit to your child rearing skills. I have to admit, sometimes I miss being a mother. Alas, they were taken from me too soon (just to be clear, I am talking about dogs).

    1. All we do is sacrifice for Kevin. It's the least we can do.