Friday, May 13, 2011

It is a dildoery!

The Clintonville neighborhood of Columbus has one of the highest per capita rates of lesbian couples in the United States according to the HRC. And now all those lesbians are "buzzing" because they have their very own Dildoery, aka Hustler Hollywood, coming to the neighborhood, according to reports from Columbus Underground . 

And the Columbus Dispatch reports that Hustler CEO and former Columbus resident Larry Flynt himself even came to town to inspect the ADA accessible location, and then stopped off at Mozart's Pasties, I mean "Pastries" for something hot and black (a cup of coffee) before fingering something fresh and sweet to eat, and that he did so in his gold plated wheel chair.  Luckily, said Dildoery (which I like much better than "sex shop") is in Clintonville and not in our area - we were saved but by a mere 100 feet!

I'm sure that this sent our neighbor who had her war chest of dildos and vibrators stolen from her house a few years ago into spasms of joy.

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